Nifty Maids
Down Loads - North Carolina


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    Note: If you click on the any of the items below and your computer does not display the item, go to your local Printing Company and  ask them to log into this web site using their computer and take them to this page. Next ask them to open any of these files and give you a print out so that you can make copies. If you need help, call me at 856-896-4430.

    1.  Nifty Maids Flyer - Click "A", "B", "C" , "D" ... to download.

                    A.  images/NiftyMaidsFlyer-NC.pdf 


                    B.  images/


                    C.  Nifty Maids $45 Flyer.pdf    


                     D.  Nifty Maids $45   


E.  Nifty Maids Door


F.  Nifty Maids Door Sign-NC.jpg


2.  Business Cards -  Click "A" or "B" to download.




                        B.  BusinessCard-Andrea.jpg




                        D.  BusinessCard-Jerome.jpg












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